im back

2008-02-14 03:46:06 by greamer22

im back from queens land it was awesome. anyway i found this place that gets you free stuff all ya gotta do is surveys. and it works, heres the link


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2008-02-16 08:10:09

Queensland is one word, mate. Glad you enjoyed your stay in the same state as me.


greamer22 responds:

thanks it was pretty good but i dont enjoy the beach life though. i prefer dark forest
with i only a bit of green. it was still though


2008-02-23 06:12:15

how many queens did you see?

greamer22 responds:

no offence but... YOU HAVE THE WORST SENSE OF HUMOR!!! or just bad at telling jokes


2008-03-10 14:27:40

You're cool because:
- You're australian
- You have a Mac
- You commented my user page
- Your header made me lol.



greamer22 responds:

your awesome cause:
1. your awesome
2. your awesome
3. you awesome
4. you made me take up skating and now i do it everyday


2008-03-16 07:41:25

Really? AWESOME! Skating rules, but I suck at skating, but I'll practice X)


greamer22 responds:

your awesome


2008-03-27 00:06:31

i like cheese