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all my games and animations are on my site

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Posted by greamer22 - August 17th, 2008

youve been clickin mah sig!?!? anyway i made the TCG club but it was deleted so anyone that wants to join comment here when we have 5 people ill start the thread again and PM you

Posted by greamer22 - August 16th, 2008

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Posted by greamer22 - May 14th, 2008

yep im switchin accounts my new account is called TehBucket

Posted by greamer22 - April 20th, 2008

the funniest south park seen ever the ends the best

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Posted by greamer22 - March 28th, 2008

last night i spent my whole time drawin a rough sketch of yuffie for my girlfreind and then i spent ages tryin to beat underground in one day on sick mode i got to second last goal in the game anyway heres the sketch

P.S. this is jut an excuse to show the sketch

yuffie and tonyhawk

Posted by greamer22 - February 14th, 2008

im back from queens land it was awesome. anyway i found this place that gets you free stuff all ya gotta do is surveys. and it works, heres the link

Posted by greamer22 - January 13th, 2008

im in queens land i came up to see my dad so far its awesome its bassicly beach,COD 4,beach,COD 4,beach,COD 4,beach, finish COD 4,beach,enemy terrortories: quake wars,beach,enemy terrortories: quake wars,beach,enemy terrortories: quake wars,beach,enemy terrortories: quake wars,beach,armA,beach,armA,

P.S. ArmA is sooooo underrated

Posted by greamer22 - December 30th, 2007

i bought the true fan combo from the tomorrows noboides site.

This is what the "True Fans" get. It includes: TN DVD(2007), DVD cheat sheet, T-shirt(your choice), Nobodies Poster, Top 10 reasons Poster, sticker pack, and button pack.

copied straight from the site

Posted by greamer22 - December 24th, 2007

i did i got a wacom

P.S. i made a new sig


Posted by greamer22 - December 22nd, 2007

ive started making my newgrounds. starting up o the script just now