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2007-10-14 21:14:56 by greamer22

nm happening but im helping dumbass studios he wants me to make him some preloaders. check this pic i did in photoshop


hi guys

2007-09-11 07:05:40 by greamer22

yeah i love animation but my flashs arnt good its not that im bad at animating( well sort of) its just that i suck at drawing. well in flash anyway. but im only ten so hopefully when im older ill be better but i dont think ill be doing any comedys coz i suck at that. and i wont be doing games (hate action script) unless i find a programmer. but anyway i got lots of ideas for animating.( like series and things PM me for more info) oh and if star syndicate are reading this i was wondering if i could join the daily toon for a while to get used to flash. oh and guys i live in australia not amrica( i cant spell) oh yeah and im looking for someone to make me a web site for my flashs for free