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2007-11-07 01:15:58 by greamer22

i just remembered about the comp i never put in how to win lol. so pick a number 1-20. and email me the answer


2007-11-06 05:10:41 by greamer22

holding a compition. my email is the comp closes at friday november 2007. listen to oscast ep 2. if your wondering how then view news post before this one


2007-11-06 04:28:38 by greamer22

ive finaly made a podcast. ill be later posting a tutorial on how to do it anyway. if you wanna listen to it goto oscast. then click subscribe

life post 1

2007-11-02 18:02:04 by greamer22

my first post about my day. today is saturday 2nd best day. i wake a up thinking i have to goto school then i remember its saturday. i woke unusually early at 7:30 AM normally i would wake up at 12 AM, and thats funny seeing as i stayed up till 12:30. and some bad news i signed up for a digg account as soon as i gave them my email account detail for a contact search. i couldent log on to msn or my email account (i use hotmail account) so i gonna PM wade or tom


2007-11-02 06:12:21 by greamer22

ive decided to post news every about my day for as long as i can be bothered


2007-11-02 03:17:46 by greamer22

i got an animation into a local film festival. cant post it on NG coz i dont have it its on my art teachers comp


2007-10-28 02:18:42 by greamer22

in the end dumbassstudios dident want to do the cheese game.. SO I DID!!! heres a link cheese dressup


2007-10-22 01:36:37 by greamer22

i just remembered i had $39 so i bought knox's "klay world: off the table."



2007-10-20 23:56:00 by greamer22

i made a freewebs site.but when i go to its url it says it doesn't exsist. :(


me and the dumbass

2007-10-20 03:52:38 by greamer22

me and rob (A.K.A dumbass studios) are starting to make animation or a game about cheese

P.S. we need ideas

me and the dumbass